My New Song…A song from my heart

live, laugh, love

Ready To Take On Life/Song in My Heart

Ma. Belinda C. Lora

(Composed 2/22/11 – 10:00 a.m.  SPO Rm.  Sci. Bldg, EVSU, Tacloban City)

There’s a song in my heart

And I just burst out singing

There’s a prayer in my soul

And I feel my sorrow’s lifting

Oh the joy in my heart

Oh what peace in my soul

There’s beauty in everything

And life has got more meaning


So bring on the rain

Bring on the storm

And I’ll smile the clouds away

And the song in my heart

Will lift me above it all/Will bring a brighter day

I’ll be here for a while

With my song and a smile

My time has come to shine

Ready to take on life

(Repeat chorus)


So bring it on…

Bring it on…

I’ll rise with a smile

I’ll linger a while

Ready to take on li-i-fe

Ready to take on life

Writing Assignment

Hi everyone!  Happy New Year!

I’m posting this so it is easier for you to work on the writing task and you will have more time to gather your materials for your photo essay.  To view your assignment click on this link  Assignment – English IV.

Being honest with myself…

These are the 11 questions from Oprah’s LYBL Weekend questionnaire. I just love to answer these questions.  Try answering them yourself and discover more amazing things about your beautiful self.

1.  What’s the quickest legal route to joy?
Eating, playing, traveling  and talking with my husband and kids.

2. What makes you still?
Being in the presence of greatness.  I have not personally met many great men and women, but I have read great minds and have met them across time and space.  I feel their very presence nonetheless.

3. What words do you live by?
The poems “Desiderata”  “Do It Anyway” (by Mother Theresa)  and “And Still I Rise” (by Maya Angelou)

4. What’s the hardest truth to tell?
One’s fears and insecurities.

5. What makes a person fearless?
Faith in God and knowing He’s still in charge.

6. What’s left on your “To Do” list?
So many!  Writing a book, traveling abroad, singing on stage (Let people hear my Karen Carpenter voice, lol), driving a car without fear, sailing on a cruise ship, getting a scholarship for Mahalaleel – my daughter, meet Oprah, Sampras and Federer in person, become a real trainer and speaker, build my dream house (made of wood and native materials) in my farm,  and so many other things…

7. What do you ask yourself most often?
“What to do first?”

8. Favorite Quote?
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.  So throw off the bowlines.  Sail away from the safe harbor.  Catch the trade winds in your sails.  Explore.  Dream.  Discover.”        –   Mark Twain

9. What’s the most daring thing you’ve done?
Travel to Palawan alone and probably wear shorts downtown (lol)

10. …and the most daring thing you wish you’d done?
Hug and tell my father “I love you” before he passed away  (I regret this the most…so people out there tell your parents you love them before it’s too late.)

11. What are you an expert at?
Being patient with my kids and maybe, listening to others’ voices (not just their words)

For my spirit…

Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, I do my best to take minute vacations which refresh my spirit in a way…to be quiet for a moment and behold the everlasting sky, to listen to a favorite song, to read an inspiring line from a book, to look up and say a little prayer, to see the smile of an innocent child. These, to me, are luxuries which money can’t buy.

See you at the break of dawn…

Refreshing new day...

Hi everyone!  Welcome to my blog…

It’s a little funny how I get caught up in blogging.  You see this is my third blog but this is probably the one that will be updated most for this is closest to my heart…my realizations, insights, new learnings every day will be shared with you here.

Why “At the Break of Dawn”?

While I was deciding on a title for this blog, my son’s graduation song just came to mind and I started humming the tune…It’s such a beautiful song composed by a local talent, Mr. Melvin Corpin, with that same title and it speaks of hope, new beginnings, and life’s promise of a bright new day for everyone.  I particularly love these lines:

 “At the break of dawn

 I will live all my dreams

In the early morn

I will walk through the trees

I will share the light of hope

At the break of dawn

With my faith I’m gonna fly

In the early morn

I will light up the fire

At the break of dawn

The sun is shining through

A new light’s coming through

The world is born anew…”

Thus, my blog will also speak of endless mornings and moments when our hearts and minds are renewed, refreshed and reborn…It will be about life’s little lessons we learn at the break of dawn…

See you always!

Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog…Here I go blogging my way to your hearts…See you always at the break of dawn!